School-Based Support Roles

Arts Academy at Rush School-Based Support Roles

Assistant Testing Coordinator – Jon Goulet
Assists the Testing Coordinator with the implementation of schedules, proctoring assignments, and all test day procedures for the PSAT, SAT, and Winter/Spring Keystone Exams.

Athletic Director – Todd Corabi, C.A.A.
Supervises and oversees all aspects of the Interscholastic Athletic Program on behalf of the Principal.  Visit for more information

Climate Manager – Stanley Johnson
Supports the Principal in overseeing the school’s climate plan to ensure an environment that is conducive to learning. Oversees and supervises all school-based non-instructional positions and works with staff to ensure that students’ social-emotional needs are met.

Cornerstone Lead –  Cathy Bateman
Provides direct support and turnaround training for current practices and updates in the Cornerstone system.

Counselor – Susan Senner
Works with students grades 9-12 regarding the college process, mental health, academic issues, etc. Interact with parents regarding any aspect of impacting a student.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council advisors – Antoinette Davis & Suzanne Spencer

Formerly known as the United Minority Council (UMC), the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council is a diverse group of individuals that discuss issues concerning various minority groups and seeks to educate, advocate, engage and empower the Rush Arts community by cultivating relationships in an inclusive, equitable and diverse community

EL Point Person –
Works closely with the Office of Multilingual Curriculum & Programs to support English Language Learners in our school.

Gifted Support Teacher –
Provides support for gifted students by conducting quarterly interviews and discussions with all gifted students and their teachers and creates special individualized instruction plans for students in specific content areas.

Grades Monitoring Tool Champion – Cathy Bateman

Locker Advisor – Sonny Bavaro
Assist students with the acquisition and maintenance of their school lockers.

Math Department Lead – Jon Goulet
Serves as the representative from the math department at Leadership Team meetings and communicates any updates or important information to my department.

NHS Sponsor – Dr. David Thomer
National Honor Society Sponsor works with students who apply and are accepted into NHS with a 3.85 GPA or higher. Organizes the induction ceremony, holiday toy drive, Valentine’s Day cards/flowers.

Prom Room Supervisor – Suzanne Spencer
Runs and supervises the prom room where students may borrow donated prom dresses for dances and proms

Race Relations Advocates – Suzanne Spencer
Works with a diverse group of students to develop a council devoted to improving race relations in our school. Meets with council during advisory for a minimum of 1 day a week. Runs mediations and/or small group sessions to address specific issues regarding any racial tension. Networks with outside agencies for additional resources and support.

Roster Chair – Cathy Bateman
Responsible for Student Rostering, Gradebook Administration, Program Admin for Targeted Interventions and Grade Improvement. Manage Report Cards, Honor Roll and Interims.

Safety Coordinator – Denise Drumel
The building safety coordinator is responsible for helping plan, execute and document all fire drills, lockdown drills, shelter in place drills and general evacuation procedures for emergency preparedness.

School-Based Teacher Leader – Sonny Bavaro
Serves as an instructional resource, supporting teachers, conducting classroom visits, and using data to inform instruction throughout the building, as well as building relationships with all stakeholders in the school community.

Secretary – Rose Dimarino
Administrative Assistance

Senior Class Sponsor –
Handles all senior activities

Sign Language Interpreter – Sharon Umlauf
English to American Sign Language interpretation and Deaf/ Hard of Hearing/ Hearing cultural mediation

SIS Coach – Cathy Bateman
Provides direct support to teachers and for teacher turnaround training.

Special Education Compliance Manager –
Ensures all students with IEPs receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) under the laws of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Student Activities Sponsor – Anna Kates
Organizes and coordinates non-athletic extracurricular activities for students.

Student Eligibility Monitor – Julie Merkins
Meets with students who are persistently late to and/or absent from school. The monitor meets with students to understand why they are late/absent in order to find out how to best help them improve their attendance and/or punctuality.

Testing Coordinator – Max Feldman, Jonathan Goulet, Joseph Reinard
Facilitates all Keystone, SAT/PSAT, and AP exams for the school.

Yearbook sponsor – David Thomer
Works with seniors to create the annual yearbook. Oversee the production of the book and the yearbook team to ensure deadlines are met and the students have a book that is inclusive of all seniors.