Activities & After School Clubs


Student Council

Advisor: Kates

Mission: To represent the Rush student body, exemplify Rush’s core values, and support citizenship and democracy in our school and community.

SPIRIT Council

Advisor: Johnson

Mission: The Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) brings students, administrators, teachers, and parents together to identify issues, develop solutions, and take action on conflicts within their schools.

United Minorities Council (UMC)

Advisor: A. Davis and Spencer

Mission:  To educate the Rush community and form unity to empower the oppressed.

Quiz Bowl

Coaches: Goulet and Kates

Mission: To engage in rigorous, academic interscholastic competition and support each other’s growth as well-rounded scholars and informed citizens.

Gender and Sexualities Alliance 

Advisor: Kates

Mission: To knit the Rush LGBT+ community and allies together through discussion, education, and empathy.

National Honor Society

(Invitation only)

Advisor: TBD

Mission Statement: To recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, to support their continued achievement in these areas, and to give back to the community.

Disability Arts Club

Advisor: Kates

Mission: To learn about and create art related to disability in an inclusive environment and celebrate disability pride.

Drama Club/Stage Crew

Advisor: Ms. Wojcik

Mission: To come together and put on a well-crafted production with students of all grades and majors.

Sports Media

Advisor: Mr. Corabi

Mission Statement: To provide coverage including pictures, video, news postings and interviews of our athletes and teams participating in Interscholastic Athletics.

In-House Sports and Open Gym

Advisor: Mr. Corabi, Athletic Coaches

Mission: To provide opportunities for students to participate in sports and physical activity in a low stress inclusive environment, encourage social interaction through sports/physical activity and facilitate increased levels of physical activity along with its benefits.


Advisor: Ms. Senner

Mission: To collaborate in the creation of a class yearbook.

News Club

Advisor: Dr. Thomer

Mission: To give students interested in journalism an outlet through which they can practice photojournalism, writing, and editorial skills.

Rush Hour Open Mic

Advisor: Ms. Davis

Mission: To provide students with a relaxed and supportive environment for open-mic style performances.


Anime Club

Advisor: Davis

Mission: To provide a community for students interested in learning about Japanese anime culture and media


Mock Trial Club

 Advisor: Feder

Mission: To bring students together to work as a collective group in analyzing, and enacting American Law. Students will learn how to present thorough and researched arguments as well as writing and public speaking skills.


Dungeons & Dragons Club

Advisor: Thomer

Mission: To learn about engage in the hobby of tabletop role playing

Gamer Club

Advisor: Bevilcqua

Mission: To have fun gaming in a safe space.

Paranormal Club

Advisor: Fletcher

Mission: To learn about paranormal beliefs and theories and discuss in a safe space

Filmmaking Club

Advisor: Thomer

Mission: To provide students with filmmaking experience and to create, learn, and have fun with their peers.


Book Club

Advisor: Feldman

Mission: To read and discuss new books and build community among readers.


Gardening Club

Advisor: Bateman

Mission: To educate students about gardening, the importance of nature, and how we can connect with the outdoors.


Marvel Club

Advisor: Konieczny

Mission: To allow students to creatively analyze the Marvel universe through friendly discussion and debate.

Debate Club

Advisor: Fletcher

Mission: To develop public speaking skills as well as learn about current events from different perspectives

Model United Nations Club (Model UN)

Advisor: Thomer

Mission: To understand and discuss important issues from the perspectives of many different countries in order to learn how to help solve the world’s challenges.

Cheer Club

Advisor: Meskill

Mission: To enhance school spirit for our athletic programs.

Music Club

Advisor: A. Davis

Mission: To learn, share, and build community with other music lovers.