Activities & After School Clubs

After School Clubs for 2022-2023

Student Government

Mission: To represent the Rush student body, exemplify Rush’s core values, and support citizenship and democracy in our school and community.

Relationships First

Mission: Relationships First is a restorative justice-practices philosophy that emphasizes the importance of positive, authentic human connection and its link to both academic success and social-emotional learning.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council (DEI)

Mission:  To educate the Rush community and form unity to empower the oppressed.

Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Mission: To knit the Rush LGBT+ community and allies together through discussion, education, and empathy.

Quiz Bowl

Mission: To engage in rigorous, academic interscholastic competition and support each other’s growth as well-rounded scholars and informed citizens.

Students Run Philly Style

Mission: To build the endurance, resilience, and dedication needed for long-distance running races, such as the Broad Street Run. To run alongside your classmates and coaches, earn free running shoes, and earn medals for completing these races.

Fandom Friendzy

Mission: To create a space where students can talk about their fandom interests (anime, video games, etc.) and bring them to life.

Crochet Club

Mission: To spark interest in crochet while increasing knowledge and developing technique.

FNAF/Horror Games Club

Mission: To discuss and debate fan theories, play games, and have fun.

Mutual Aid Club

Mission: Direct action, direct change.

Study Buddies

Mission: To create a space at Rush for every person to become the most academically advanced that they can be.

Gaming Club

Mission: To try new games and have fun in a safe environment.

Cheer Club

Mission: To bring awareness to the sport and maintain positive vibes around the school.

Book Club

Mission: To build a safe community through thoughtful discussion of literature.

Eco Club

Mission: To bring together students that enjoy gardening and make sure the ecosystem around our school stays healthy

Film Making Club

Mission: To bring students together in a fun, creative, and caring environment as we pursue our interest in the art of filmmaking.


Mission: To build a community around those that share an interest in online activities

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Mission: To bring students together and foster collaboration and storytelling through this wonderful tabletop roleplaying game.

Speech Club

Mission: To get out of our comfort zone and support each other in developing our speaking skills.

Rush Hour Open Mic

Mission Statement: To provide students with a relaxed and supportive environment for open-mic style performances.

Cooking Club

Mission: To learn how to cook for ourselves and with others to educate ourselves and keep us safe  in the kitchen.


Advisory Sports Clubs/ open gym

To give students an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports clubs in an inclusive, low pressure environment

The Musical

Stage Crew

News Club