Activities & After School Clubs


Student Council

(Election only)

Mission Statement: To represent the Rush student body, exemplify Rush’s core values, and support citizenship and democracy in our school and community.

The SPIRIT Council

(By Appointment)

Mission Statement: The Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) brings students, administrators, teachers, and parents together to identify issues, develop solutions, and take action on conflicts within their schools. A student-driven program teaches problem-solving techniques.

National Honor Society

(Invitation only)

Mission Statement: To recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, to support their continued achievement in these areas, and to give back to the community.

Drama Club/Stage Crew

(Trainings as announced)

Mission Statement: To come together and put on a well-crafted production with students of all grades and majors.

Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Mission Statement: To knit the Rush LGBT+ community and allies together through discussion, education, and empathy.

Women of Tomorrow

(Invitation only)

Mission Statement: To create strong and independent women and prepare them for their future in leadership.

Rush Hour Open Mic

Mission Statement: To provide students with a relaxed and supportive environment for open-mic style performances.

The United Minorities Council

Mission Statement: The United Minority Council is a diverse group of individuals that discuss issues concerning various minority groups and educate the Rush community. Minorities are groups of individuals that are commonly discriminated against in a community, differing from others in culture, race, sex and gender identity, political beliefs, language, or religion. Many people are unaware of the struggles of minorities. Some minorities are even unaware of the struggles of their own identification groups. Our mission is to educate the Rush community and form unity to empower the oppressed.

News Club

Mission Statement: To give students interested in journalism an outlet through which they can practice photojournalism, writing, and editorial skills.

Yearly Sports Tournaments and Organized Open Gym

Mission Statement: To provide opportunities for students to participate in sports and physical activity in a low stress inclusive environment, encourage social interaction through sports/physical activity and facilitate increased levels of physical activity along with its benefits.

Quiz Bowl

Mission Statement: To engage in rigorous, academic interscholastic competition and support each other’s growth as well-rounded scholars and informed citizens.


Mission Statement: To collaborate in the creation of a class yearbook.


Basketball Club

Mission Statement: To participate in physical activity via the sport of basketball.

Cheer Club

Mission Statement: To come together and show school spirit through cheerleading.

DnD Club (Dungeons and Dragons)

Mission Statement: To entertain and introduce new players to DnD.

Bollywood Club

Mission Statement: To learn about Indian culture and traditional dance.

Debate Team

Mission Statement: To provide students an opportunity for productive argument and to learn valuable research, writing, and speaking skills.

Comic Book Club

Mission Statement: To read, view and discuss the world of comics.

Trashion Club

Mission Statement: To educate students on the environmental and human costs of fast fashion and to create new fashions from old materials.

Badminton Club

Mission Statement: To participate in physical activity via the sport of badminton.

Model United Nations

Mission Statement: To expand students’ geopolitical and cultural horizons and to find solutions to international issues as a team.

Gamer Club

Mission Statement: To inform people about digital and analog games, and to make friends, play games, and broaden our horizons.

K-Pop Club

Mission Statement: To learn about the Korean music industry and culture and connect with others who are interested in K-Pop (Korean popular music).

Anime Club

Mission Statement: To come together and form a connection through anime.

Environmental Activism Club

Mission Statement: To create awareness of environmental issues in order to educate and empower students to take action.

Horror Club

Mission Statement: To enjoy the spooky seasons together.