Welcome to Rush Arts!

Our Core Values

The Core Values at Rush Arts influence everything we do. ICEPAC is the lens through which we view our work, and we strive to apply these questions in our everyday lives.

Imagination: What if?

Communication: How can I be sure I’m understood?

Empathy: Who is affected?

Perspective: Through what lens do I examine this?

Analysis: How do I know what I know?

Commitment: What action will I take for a better world?

Our Mission

Equity and Social Justice Through the Arts

Our Vision

Rush Arts is based on the belief that the arts provide an opportunity to develop intellectual growth and personal creativity as part of a rigorous academic curriculum. We emphasize the building of a reflective community of learners who are adaptive critical thinkers and creators while preparing our students for college and professional careers. Transdisciplinary teaching and learning are applied in every classroom. Rush Arts prepares students to become active members of a democratic society by fostering a culture of respect for the various views of our diverse student population and encouraging student voice in the pursuit of equity and social justice.