Instrumental Music Program

Program Overview

The Instrumental music program develops the skills necessary to be a well rounded musician. Through performance and study we explore and learn about different musical genres, cultures, and time periods. Through rehearsal we learn to play and grow as an ensemble and individuals. In class we study the necessary music theory to be able to read and create music as well as develop proper technique unique to each individual instrument. Pull out lessons and collaboration between peers across instrument families results in well rounded musicians with the skills and knowledge needed to expand in any genre you find yourself interested in pursuing.

Ensembles available:

Concert Band (Honors 3,4), String Ensemble, Orchestra (Honors 3,4), Jazz Band 2,3,4,

Available Weekly Instrumental lessons:

Upper Strings- Violin, Viola; Lower strings- Cello, Bass, Upright Bass; Woodwinds-Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone; Double Reeds- Oboe, Bassoon, English Horn; Upper Brass- Trumpet, French Horn; Low Brass- Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium

To Audition

To audition for The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, you must FIRST complete the School Selection Process for the School District of Philadelphia. For more detailed information about High School Selection click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants may only audition for ONE art area. Please only select your one intended art area on the School District of Philadelphia application to expedite the scheduling of your audition. Applying to multiple art areas will delay the scheduling of your audition.

Scroll down for Audition Requirements.


Instrumental Music Audition Requirements:

Choose Two Scales or rudiments (percussion) of your choice- 
Please prepare two scales of your choice to perform for your audition. You may choose two scales in any key that are comfortable and familiar to you. For example you may choose C major, and G major. Please see the attached pdf (Major Scales)  for examples of all 15 Major Scales you can choose from. You may perform these in one or two octaves. Percussionists/drummers may either perform two scales on mallets or choose two rudiments of their choice. Some examples of rudiments would be paradiddles, flams, or rolls. The 40 International Drum Rudiments

Choose Two Pieces of Contrasting Style- 
Choose two pieces of music that you feel best represent your playing. Your two excerpts could be two different parts of the same song but should show some variety in your playing. For example you can choose a slow and a fast piece or a classical and a jazz piece. Your excerpt can be any part of the song and should be between 8-16 measures long.


Please reflect on the following questions prior to the audition as there will be a brief interview:

  • Why do you want to study Instrumental music at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush?
  • Why do you feel music is important? How has music impacted your life or helped you?
  • Tell us about something- a school subject or skill-  that you struggle with. What do you do to deal with that struggle?