Vocal Auditions


REQUIREMENTS: Please watch the video linked here to hear Ms. Spencer, our Vocal Music Director, describe the audition requirements in more detail:

  • REQUIRED: Submit a video recording of you singing a verse and a chorus of a chosen song. This should be around 1-2 minutes long. We are looking to see how you use your body as well as your voice to tell the story. (Please view the video above for more advice and tips.) You may pick a song in any genre you feel comfortable with (please not a super obscure song!). Your video must then be uploaded to YouTube and the link submitted using the Google Form below.
  • OPTIONAL: If you play an instrument or write your own songs, you can submit a second video that shows that off! This is NOT a requirement.
  • Record an interview in which you answer the following questions:
    • Why do you want to study Vocal Music?  What about it is exciting and/or interesting to you?
    • If you could not have a career in music or the entertainment industry in any way and you could not be famous, what other jobs or fields would you like to pursue?  What are your interests outside of music?
    • Tell us about something- a school subject or skill-  that you struggle with.  (Pause.)  What do you do to deal with that struggle?

You may either have someone off camera ask you the questions or you can have a list of the questions in front of you.  Please take your time answering the questions.  We encourage you to be honest and authentic.  When you are done, please upload the video to YouTube and submit the link in the form below.

You must submit the completed audition form AND the online high school application in order to be considered for admission at the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush.  Please be sure to fill out BOTH.