Vocal Program

Program Description

The Vocal Music Program gives the students an opportunity to not only develop their voices as singers but also to become complete musicians. Throughout the four years, students will be part of a tight knit community that performs and analyzes music of all different genres, cultures, and periods in history.

Students will perform throughout the year in concerts, solo and group performance assessments throughout the four years. Students will learn vocal technique, ensemble skills, recording and improvisation skills, songwriting, modern band and music theory. This is an academic, rigorous, comprehensive and college preparatory program.

Students are encouraged and expected to be well-rounded in all facets of music and singing. We use music as a tool to investigate social constructs and as a universal language to reach across cultural and social divides. We use music as an outlet for our own emotional needs and to help others! The Vocal Department at Rush focuses on collaboration, community, innovation, teamwork, total musicianship and creativity.

To Audition

To audition for The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, you must FIRST complete the School Selection Process for the School District of Philadelphia. For more detailed information about High School Selection click HERE. The School Selection Process closes on October 27, 2023 at 11:59pm.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants may only audition for ONE art area. Please only select your one intended art area on the School District of Philadelphia application to expedite the scheduling of your audition. Applying to multiple art areas will delay the scheduling of your audition.

Vocal Audition Requirements:

  • Prepare singing a verse and a chorus (or bridge and chorus) of a song of your choosing. This should be around 1-2 minutes long.
  • You may pick a song in any style/genre you feel comfortable with (please not a super obscure song!). Please do not pick a song that is more advanced or difficult than you handle.
  • We are looking to see how you use your body and face as well as your voice to tell the story.
  • You should use an instrumental (karaoke) track to perform with your song. A computer and speaker will be provided for you. An instrumental track is preferred, but A Cappella is acceptable. You can also accompany yourself with an instrument.