Dance Program

Program Description

College Preparatory Program / Four Areas of Study

  • Performance and Technique: Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Hip-Hop, West African, Contemporary
  • Historical and Cultural Studies in Dance
  • Creating and Choreographing Movement
  • Analyzing and Critiquing Dance

Rush Arts Dance Company

  • Audition Only, every grade can audition
  • Performs in all shows
  • Performances outside of school

Students are highly encouraged to produce their own choreography and perform for all our cultural assemblies and celebrations as well. Many students are also given the opportunity to choreograph on small and large groups to enhance their leadership skills and provide them directing experience. They are also taught about all technical aspects of the theatre and learn about lighting systems and sound systems.

To Audition

To audition for The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, you must FIRST complete the School Selection Process for the School District of Philadelphia. For more detailed information about High School Selection click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants may only audition for ONE art area. Please only select your one intended art area on the School District of Philadelphia application to expedite the scheduling of your audition. Applying to multiple art areas will delay the scheduling of your audition.

To audition for the Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, you first have to complete the School Selection Process for the School District of Philadelphia located HERE.


Audition Requirements for Dance

-Each auditionee should prepare 1.5-2.5 minutes of choreography in the any style of dance you feel most confident and strong in performing.  Make sure to bring a copy of your music ready to be played. Using a cell phone is the easiest way to play the music for your audition because our sound system can connect to any phone or bluetooth compatible device.

— Students should be in proper dance attire, which can include any of the following:  leotards, tights, dance shorts, fitted yoga pants, sports bra or a fitted tank top or t-shirt. Be sure your hair is pulled up and tied back and do not wear any large jewelry.  For footwear, a ballet shoe, jazz shoe, spinners, dance socks, hip hop sneakers, bare feet, or whatever is appropriate for the style of dance you are performing.

— Please bring a photo/headshot of you to the audition to turn in at the time of the interview.