Books & Materials Distribution for the 2020-2021 School Year

Hello Students and Families!

We hope you are well and have been enjoying the Summer.

September 2nd is around the corner and we are so excited to welcome our students and families back and begin our school year.  We will be implementing a 100% digital model of instruction where students will follow their rosters and meet with each class each day remotely Monday through Friday.  We will be following our regular bell schedule which is attached.

In order to provide students with the materials they need to succeed, the Rush staff has volunteered to organize the distribution process and open the building for students to pick up the materials they need for their classes. Teachers will be using either digital resources,  materials that will be distributed to students, or a combination of both.

The distribution of materials will occur in our gymnasium following all Health and Safety protocols, including wearing a face mask and abiding by all social distancing requirements. Students are asked to bring any books or materials from last year that need to be returned to a teacher or staff member on the assigned day as well as an empty backpack or bag to carry materials home.  No students will be allowed in any other part of the building, this includes lockers. Only a student or one parent/guardian will be allowed to retrieve materials. All students will enter the gymnasium directly from the parking lot to the right of the building. Please bring a cell phone if possible to document receiving materials. This will enable us to maintain a safe process. Below you will find a schedule that will tell you what day and time to report to Rush.

Here is the schedule:

August 19: 9am-12pm:  SENIORS

August 20: 9am-12pm:  JUNIORS

August 21: 9am-12pm:  SOPHOMORE

August 31: 9am-12pm: FRESHMEN and any other students who were not able to pick up materials. 

Our Freshmen and New Student Orientation Webinar will be held virtually on Friday, August 28th at 2:00pm. Zoom Invitations will be posted on our website on August 24th and sent via email to our families as well.

We look forward to seeing you!
Stay safe,

Rush Arts Faculty